“Luke Richardson’s right up there among the best writers I’ve come across” STEVEN MORE, BESTSELLING AUTHOR

“A brilliant thriller that hooked me from the very beginning” AMAZON REVIEWER

“Awesome book. Fabulous” AMAZON REVIEWER

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Some people go missing. Others choose not to come back.

When Leo’s girlfriend disappears on a Thai island, he throws himself into finding her. But two years on he’s still got no idea where she is, has lost his job at a local newspaper and is crippled by anxiety and panic attacks. Just as things seem to be at an all-time low, he gets an offer to go to Kathmandu to find a politician’s daughter. This could be the break Leo needs, but can he find someone who doesn’t want to be found in a city on the other side of the world?

Allissa is running from her family. Spanning years and continents, her journey has been long, but she can’t forget the secret she carries. Finding some peace while running a hostel for the victims of people traffickers in Kathmandu, she hopes the surrounding mountains can keep the world away.

In his bid to prove himself, Leo sets off on a twisting trail that leads him through the backstreets of Kathmandu. But with a storm on the way, the city revealing a dark side and Leo seeing danger around each corner, can he find Allissa and get out before it’s too late?

KATHMANDU is the first of Luke Richardson’s international thriller series. If you like fast-paced mysteries, then you’ll love this explosive debut.

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