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Some people go missing, others choose not to come back.

Leo is anxious, jobless and totally dedicated to his girlfriend, Mya. The only problem, she went missing on a Thai island two years ago.  When a mysterious millionaire asks Leo to go to Kathmandu to find his daughter, the lure of the money and the possibility of getting closer to Mya on the way makes it impossible to refuse.

Allissa is running from her family. On a journey spanning years and continents, she can’t escape the secret she carries. She just hopes the surrounding mountains can keep the world away.

With a storm on the way and the city revealing its dark side, Leo and Allissa must fight to escape with their lives. For Leo, this brings a choice, does he find the woman he loves, or save the woman he’s found?

Kathmandu is the first of Luke Richardson’s international thriller series. If you like fast paced plots with more twists and turns than the backstreets they’re set in, you’ll love this explosive debut.


Going missing is only the start.

(Leo Keane international thrillers book two)

When Jamie’s colleague and former lover goes missing, the police start to ask questions. After a panicked call comes to light and traces of blood are discovered in his car, the net closes in. Sure, a body’s not been found, but there’s plenty of evidence to land Jamie behind bars.

Back from Kathmandu and working together to find missing people, Leo and Allissa take the case. All they have to do is find a woman who’s supposed to be dead to free a man charged with murder. But, when the investigation leads to the backstreets and building sites of Hong Kong, things get more difficult than either had imagined.

As predator becomes prey and lives become expendable, Leo and Allissa must face one of the city’s most dangerous men as well as ghosts from their own past.

With a man’s freedom hanging in the balance and their relationship under strain, can they find what they’re looking for before it’s too late?

HONG KONG is the second of my international thriller series. If you like fast-paced mysteries, then you’ll love this compulsive sequel.

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Who is Luke Richardson?

First of all, thank you so much for taking an interest in my writing. For me, my upcoming book has been the culmination of years of travelling, dreaming and writing. I’m so excited to see KATHMANDU out into the world.

My journey towards writing, like most, wasn’t a straightforward one. I’ve always loved stories, but it wasn’t until my thirties that I really wanted to put pen to paper. I think I needed to see and experience the world a bit before being able to write about it.

I grew up in the South of England, near Hastings, until I moved to Nottingham for university. After that I worked as a nightclub DJ for a few years - I still do from time to time.

In 2013 I trained to be an English teacher. Helping young realize their creativity, learn the power of reading and work towards their potential is an inspiration.

Last year I was fortunate to be able to drop my hours at the school to complete a master’s degree, focus on writing and spend more time with friends and family.

I’m very excited to start sharing my stories with you in the next few months.

On the road

Although the words are all mine, the characters, experiences and settings of my stories are wholly inspired by the places I’ve been and the people I’ve travelled beside.

I’d go as far as saying that if we’ve shared noodles from a street-food vendor, visited a temple, played cards on a creaking over-night train, or had a beer in a back-street restaurant, then you may be in one of my books.

I knew I wanted to write when I visited India for the first time, many years ago. The sun had just risen as we flew across the tarpaulin tint of the sprawling slums to land at Mumbai airport. The taxi journey that followed was one of the most incredible of my life. I watched the city unfold like a story. People washing, children playing, chickens, cows, goats, all beside an eight-lane motorway. It’s a trip I’ll never forget. The city was so different from my own and opened my mind to new worlds, new experiences, which I knew I needed to share.

Like the pictures above, that journey has and will continue to appear in my writing.

Leo and Allissa

Although I’m forever chasing new book ideas, I am currently writing one series. This follows the pursuits of Leo Keane and Allissa Stockwell as they try to find missing people across the globe. Each of my stories sees them visiting new and exciting place which becomes a character in itself.

It is my intention as a writer to show that although the world is big and the unknown can be unsettling, there is so much good in it. Although, of course there are bad, evil people in my stories they are always outnumbered by the honesty, purity and kindness of the good ones. I don’t think you need to look far to see that in the real world.

I know that whenever I travel, it’s the kindness of the people that I remember almost more than the place itself.

That’s what inspires me, what inspires you?

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